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Confluence is a seminar video series with the explicit aim of introducing undergraduates to the lives and work of researchers in the field of biology.

We aim not only to introduce students to the latest scientific questions being addressed in the field, but more importantly to talk about when in their lives these men and women decide to pursue questions of how this world works.

How It Works

The seminar speakers talk about their work, what inspired them to pursue this work, and how humanity can benefit from the knowledge they are working to discover. Our guests give an hourlong seminar discussing their research to a largely undergraduate audience. Afterward, they give an interview in which they speak in more detail about their life and their work.

Why It Matters

As at many universities, a large percentage of the biology majors at Florida International University are pre-medical students. As a department, we are committed to training them to the heights of their abilities. We’ve identified a need for undergraduates to be exposed to subdisciplines of biology that they may not have seen during their K-12 education.



Bryan M. Dewsbury, Ph.D.

Bryan M. Dewsbury – Ph.D. in Biology from FIU, currently the assistant professor of biological sciences at the University of Rhode Island with a focus on biology education. Bryan was head TA for the QBIC program and coupled research on teaching with his Ph.D. research on the ecology of primary producer community structure in seagrass ecosystems, and their value in ecosystem services.