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Situated in South Florida, bordered by the Everglades and Florida Reef, the Department of Biological Sciences offers access to some of the most diverse living laboratories in the world.

Message from the Chair

Our mission is to educate broadly trained life scientists, to carry out basic and applied biological research, to disseminate the results of our research, and to provide meaningful service to the University, the local community, and the world. Read Dr. Oberbauer's message

What Students Say About Us

"The FIU Biology program certainly exceeded my expectations. It prepares its students not only in the field of Biological Sciences but also for their respective future professional endeavors. I found that choosing to major in Biology provided many opportunities to compensate what I was learning in the classroom with a hands-on approach."

— Wendy Tamayo

"The FIU Biology program afforded me excellent professors and an incredible research opportunity at IMAGES lab under Professor Rodriguez-Lanetty; it has provided me with the ability to fulfill my dream of becoming an MD."

— Melissa Morlote-Triana

"FIU biology to me is a program designed to imbue passion and curiosity into their students. The program is led and taught by top-notch qualified individuals that understand that science is always changing and growing."

— Christopher Otero

Support Our Students

Help train the next generation of scientists and policymakers by providing scholarships to our best and brightest.