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Message from the Chair

The research interests of our faculty span many levels of biological organization from molecules to ecosystems, and include both field and laboratory-based studies in marine, terrestrial, and freshwater environments. We address basic biological questions about how organisms work, how they develop, how they interact with other organisms and their environments, and how they have evolved over time.

Dr. Steve Oberbauer
Professor and Chair | 305-348-2580

Professor Steve Oberbauer and Post-Doc Jeremy May secure a research site tower for a full season of data-gathering at Toolik Field Station on the north slope of the Brooks Range, Alaska.


Active areas of research include cell and molecular biology, ecology, functional morphology, genetics, conservation biology, neurobiology and behavior, evolutionary biology and population genetics, phylogenetics and bioinformatics, physiology, virology, microbiology, and paleobiology. Florida International University is ideally situated for the study of tropical biology and many of our faculty specialize in tropical systems.

Students, Faculty and Staff

The breadth of our approaches to biological problems allows students in our department to benefit from interdisciplinary collaborations with departments throughout the university, including biochemistry and chemistry, forensic science, physics, and engineering. The faculty, staff and students in the Department publish over 100 scientific papers yearly that describe the research funded by over $10M annually in grants and contracts.