Dr. Lou Kim, Dir. Undergrad. Studies

"There are many career paths that may lead to baccalaureate concentration and graduate degrees in botany, ecology, genetics, marine biology, and others."

Undergraduate Programs

B.S. in Biological Sciences

The Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences degree provides students with a foundation of knowledge and skills in diverse areas of biology, including ecology, genetics, molecular and cell biology, evolution, organismal diversity and physiology/biochemistry. This degree is ideal for those who want to attend medical school, veterinary school or pursue graduate studies and careers in botany, zoology, ecology, molecular and cellular biology, biomedical research, health care, natural resource management and non-profits.

B.S. with Honors in Biology

The Honors in Biology Program gives exceptional students the opportunity to conduct original research directed by a faculty mentor. Students carry out a research project, complete a thesis paper and present the results of the research at a departmental seminar. Here you can view and download the Honors in Biology Program application form.

Quantifying Biology in the Classroom

Quantifying Biology in the Classroom (QBIC) is an innovative track for exceptional undergraduate students who want a more in-depth and interdisciplinary approach to studying, understanding and conducting research in the biological sciences. Classes are small and the academic curriculum meets and exceeds the mathematics and science requirements needed to earn a traditional B.S. degree. By incorporating mathematics, statistics, the physical sciences and informational sciences, QBIC focuses on the importance of interdisciplinary knowledge acquisition in addressing biological questions. For information on QBIC, visit http://qbic.fiu.edu.

B.S. in Marine Biology

The Marine Sciences Program, housed within the department, offers a Bachelor of Science
in Marine Biology that gives students a strong foundation in structural and evolutionary developmental biology, physiology, organismal diversity, physical oceanography and ecology. Students can take advantage of the diverse marine environments of Florida and the Caribbean to get involved in research in the lab and in the field. For information, visit http://marine.fiu.edu.

B.S. in Biological Sciences with a Biology Education Major

As part of the College of Arts & Sciences’ innovative Secondary Education Program, the Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences with a Biology Education Major provides students with the same foundation of physical science, life science and mathematics courses and labs as is offered in the B.S. degree program. It also allows students to take courses offered by the College of Education and gain hands-on teaching experience by completing an internship during the final semester. This degree is ideal for students who want to pursue a career in education or graduate study.

Minors and Certificates

The department also offers minors in Biology and Marine Biology. Undergraduate students in the department can also take advantage of certificates in Conservation Biology, Forensic Science, and Marine Affairs.


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