Dr Jose M. Eirin-Lopez - Chromevol Lab Chromatin Structure & Evolution

Principal Investigator

About the Project

Our work addresses fundamental research and applied questions in evolutionary developmental biology and in marine sciences, applying a very unique combination of genomic, evolutionary and bioinformatic approaches. The central goal of our research program aims to study the genetic and epigenetic mechanisms underlying the adaptation of marine organisms to changes in the ocean environment, most specifically those resulting from natural pollution (i.e., red tides) or anthropogenic pollution (i.e., oil spills).
We approach this objective by using three complementary research approaches based on the study of chromatin evolution (both in the somatic and the germinal lines), the characterization of the links between chromatin specialization and organismal adaptation, and the potential application of chromatin as a biomarker of genotoxicity in the marine environment. Overall, our research helps develop new tools for pollution biomonitoring in the oceans, evaluating the genotoxic effects on marine organisms as well as the implications for the health of human consumers of fish and shellfish.

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