Michael Heithaus

Michael Heithaus

Office: MSB-358 (BBC) | Telephone: 305-919-5234
Lab: MSB-334 (BBC) | Telephone: 305-919-4263

Curriculum Vitae


  • Simon Fraser University Biological Sciences Ph.D. 2001
  • Oberlin College Biology B.A. (highest honors) 1995

Research Interests

  • Behavioral ecology
  • Anti-predator behavior
  • Community consequences of behavioral decisions
  • Behavior and ecology of marine mammals
  • Elasmobranch fishes and sea turtles.

His research is focused on understanding how predator-prey interactions structure communities with a particular focus on the role of non-consumptive predator effects ("risk effects"). Particularly interested in the role of upper trophic level marine predators in their communities and ecosystems, and how ongoing reductions in their populations are likely to impact marine communities. Recently, has also begun investigating the importance of individual foraging specializations on mediating the ecological impacts of predators, particularly their role in transporting nutrients across ecosystem boundaries.