Dr. Collins, Graduate Program Director

"We encourage direct contact between faculty and prospective students to explore mutual interests in a variety of fields of research."

Graduate Programs

Students pursuing master’s and doctoral degrees in the biological sciences have access to diverse laboratories and field research opportunities locally and globally. Graduate students are financially supported with stipends, tuition waivers, fellowships and other funding opportunities.

The deadline for applications for Fall 2019 admission in January 5th, 2019.

M.S. in Biology

The Master of Science in Biology degree allows students to develop critical skills and pursue research in diverse areas of biology including the fields of biochemistry, biological oceanography, botany, cellular and molecular biology, ecology, evolutionary biology, microbiology and zoology. Students in the program work with a faculty adviser who directs their research.

Ph.D. in Biology

The Ph.D. in Biology degree equips students with the ability to ask questions, design and execute research projects to answer these questions, critically evaluate scientific literature, write manuscripts for publication, make professional presentations, become effective teachers, and stay abreast of scientific progress in their areas of interest.

Combined M.S. in Forensic Science/Ph.D. in Biology

The Department of Biological Sciences, in conjunction with the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, offers a Master of Science in Forensic Science degree that equips students with a solid foundation in biology, forensic chemistry and analysis. The Ph.D. in Biology degree will allow the student to further develop the research he or she initiated in the master’s program.

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Here is the link to the FIU University Graduate School online application page:



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